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To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

Try Disneybounding for your Most Magical Disney Vacation Yet

You’ve got everything for the perfect day at Disney—tickets, FastPasses, and a backpack with sunscreen and ponchos. You even managed to find an affordable hotel just minutes from the Walt Disney World theme parks. But to truly take your Orlando vacation to the next level, try Disneybounding.

Coined by fellow Disney enthusiast Leslie Kay, Disneybounding is a growing trend among devoted Disney goers that involves creating outfits inspired by Disney characters. The outfits are stylish and subtle, and the key is to capture the essence of the character without looking like you are in costume. Since Disney doesn’t allow costumes for guests over age 14, it’s the perfect way to respect that rule while still indulging in your Disney dreams. Leslie, who runs a blog dedicated to creating Disneybounds (as the outfits are called), describes Disneybounding as “a way of showing your love and appreciation for Disney through fashion.” Here’s how Disneybounding can make your Disney vacation the most magical one yet.

Simple and Budget-Friendly

Disneybounds can be as simple or elaborate as you want. You’ll be surprised at the outfits you can create with what you already have in your closet! Accessories will help your outfit stand out, so invest in those. Be creative! If you use a cane or wheelchair, or plan on bringing gear such as strollers, you can use these to add special flair.

You’ll Enjoy Special Character Interactions

Disney characters at the parks will be on the lookout for Disneybounding fans. They love to interact with you and will greet you as the character you are dressed as. You’ll feel truly immersed in the Disney magic – and have some fantastic character photos.

Unique Photo Opportunities

Of course you’ll get awesome photos during your meet and greets with characters, but if you’re dressed as characters who aren’t available for meet and greets or don’t have specific rides dedicated to them, try a subtler approach. Just as you selected an outfit that your character would wear, think about unique places in the parks that your character would be intrigued by and pose there. You could also visit their home countries at Epcot.

Fun for the Whole Family

Everyone, no matter their age, can Disneybound. If the whole family is Disneybounding it can be fun to choose a theme, such as classic Disney characters or characters from a specific movie. Keep outfits for tots simple and they’ll be even comfier than if in an actual costume.

Inspiration is Everywhere

You’ll find plenty of Disneybounding inspiration at the parks, in Disney movies, and of course, on Leslie’s blog. Study the color palate of your character and pick out outfits based on your character’s personality and style. If you can’t decide which character to Disneybound as first, check out this fun quiz created by Disney.

Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando is just minutes away from Walt Disney World. Spacious guestrooms with Simmons Beautyrest® pillow top mattresses are ideal for a good night’s rest before your day at Disney. There is even a mini-market in the lobby perfect for picking up last minute snacks and Disney gear for your visit. To reserve your room today, call 407-996-8585.


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