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To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

Let’s Go There!

Ready to hit the open road? Then let’s go to Orlando! There are many reasons to finally take that vacation you have been forced to put off all year. Gas prices are low. The weather is stunning in Central Florida almost year-round—perfect for the abundance of outdoor, family-friendly fun adventure to enjoy. The theme parks got safety and cleanliness practices down to a science. And Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando has also changed a bit to make travel safer for you and your family.

The year has been challenging to say the least. Many of us find ourselves stuck at home longing to explore lands and cities nearby. We want to feel the pure excitement of being on vacation, planning for days and nights of fun, and escaping our daily routines. Something out there calls to us. Maybe you and your family want to play for a week or so in a new city. Maybe you just need to treat yourself to an extended weekend vacation so you can relax and enjoy the sun rising and setting in a different city. The time has come to rediscover life’s greatest joys, but we must be prepared for a few changes. Here we cover how travel is safer and what you should expect (and pack for) when you visit Orlando.

Road Trip to Orlando

A lot of travelers are hitting the roads to get to their destination because of low gas prices. Moreover, the option to isolate from others while in a car make driving the current preferred mode of transportation. Keep this in mind while packing.

Aside from your typical vacation outfits and accessories needed for an Orlando vacation, a comfortable road trip requires its own planning. We suggest packing:

  • Water, snacks, wet wipes, napkins, and grocery bags to use as trash bags.
  • Cell phone chargers compatible with your car so you can keep your phones charged and the music and games going.
  • Dust off the TomTom or Garmin as it is incredibly helpful for navigation in places where cell phone reception is minimal or non-existent. Be sure it has the latest maps and software.
  • Pillows and throws make car rides incredibly comfortable for passengers.

Remember to hit the open road well-rested. We want you to arrive safely.

Know Before You Go

Some cities have changed a little, so you should pack according to your destination’s travelers’ requirements. Here in Orlando, travelers are not expected to quarantine if you are not coming from a hot spot. You are expected to wear a mask at most places. Most stores sell masks in case you lose yours or need to buy more. Hand sanitizer dispensers are abundant these days, but bring some just in case, especially for the times when you will have to wait to wash your hands.

At Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando, we have made some changes and require a little cooperation from guests to help create a safe, clean environment for everyone. We require all guests to wear a mask while in public places around the hotel. Temperature screening is mandatory when entering the hotel. Clear plexiglass has been installed at the front desk to help protect you and the front desk staff as we welcome you to the hotel. Around the hotel, you will find many hand sanitizer dispensers at key locations, like at elevators and in front of restaurants and shops.

Rest and relax easier knowing we take extra precautions with your guestroom as well. Before you arrive, we disinfect your guestroom with an electrostatic cleaner that sprays hospital-grade, EPA-approved disinfectant onto all surfaces. The same disinfectant is used to clean common areas and high touchpoints several times throughout the day. Some of the more modern changes made provide contactless moments such as when you check in and out. There really is a lot to cover, so we’ve listed the finer details, including hours of operation for our shops, in our Know Before You Go document.

Not Your Typical Virtual Visit

Orlando’s theme parks have really stepped up their game regarding safety. Read about Universal Orlando’s safety protocols in this blog. If you’re heading to SeaWorld or Walt Disney World, check their websites for details on what they’re doing to keep guests safe and how these changes affect planning a day at the parks. We’re happy to help plan transportation to and from the theme parks. Our complimentary shuttle service to the major theme parks is still available, but please check with the Guest Service Desk for the current schedule and to make reservations.

Each theme park has important planning information on their websites and apps. Some theme parks require guests use their app to make important reservations linked to their visit. For those who are visual learners and want to see what to expect, there are some really fun virtual tours of the roller coaster rides:

Return to Rosen

As we safely return to traveling, always consider staying at a hotel that makes your safety and wellbeing top priority, like Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando. Our commitment to you has strengthened over the year because we understand these times demand our best service to you. These changes, implemented across all Rosen hotels, reflect the need of today’s travelers and are outlined in full detail in Rosen’s Total Commitment document, which you can read here.

When you are ready, we’re ready to welcome you back to travel and enjoying life. Book your vacation today and arrive when you’re ready by clicking the Check Availability button on this page or by calling 407-996-8585.

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