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To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

The Real Earth Day and Everyday Recycling

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Did you know Earth Day’s true day of celebration, which we now celebrate on April 22, is in March? John McConnell first coined the term and was first to get governments and the United Nations to recognize this day to foster peace, unity, and caring for and appreciating our planet.

The late Senator Gaylord Nelson was the one who proclaimed—some say without permission from John McConnell—Earth Day on April 22. Nelson’s celebration focused on teaching about environmental issues and concerns and protesting pollution.

Is Earth Day International?

John McConnell first proposed in September 1969 to a Board of Supervisors in San Francisco, CA, the establishment of Earth Day. Soon after he received their blessings, other joined to rally behind the idea including then UN General Secretary U Thant, Republican Senator Mark Atfield, anthropologist Margaret Mead, even folk singer Pete Seeger. Sen. Nelson’s Earth Day may have overruled McConnell’s day due to popularity, but countries like Lithuania still celebrate Earth Day in March making it an international holiday.

What’s Earth Day and How Does Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando Factor In?

Earth Day has become a recognized day of education, promotion, and activism toward a cleaner, healthier planet. Hotels play a huge part in conservation efforts that tie directly with the goals of Earth Day. For example, Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando (and all Rosen hotels) have a water management system and recycling programs in place. We also conserve water with our guests’ help by letting them decide on when new towels are needed. By reusing your towel, you help us save thousands of gallons of water in laundry every day.

Daily Efforts to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Housekeeping does a lot to conserve. They use a single stream recycling program to remove recyclables from guestrooms once the guest has left. These items are later sorted. In the kitchen, all prep sinks are fitted with filters that capture food and waste debris that would otherwise wash out along with sewage; this helps keep county surcharge fees lower. Fryer oil is recycled and sold to a third party vendor. In turn, we receive a reduced price on the bio diesel used to power golf carts and lawn equipment. We also recycle and sort inedible food which later turns into many other products including food pallets for animals. In catered meetings, we’ve moved away from using plastic plates for palm leaf material plates which are biodegradable and stylish. Unlike other hotels, we tend to not leave the light on for anyone. Security is trained to shut off lights to conserve energy in areas where people have been absent for a while.

Conscientious Guests

Our efforts have been rewarded with special recognition and ranking among companies that fold conservation into their business models. It’s no surprise that we tend to attract guests who are also eco-friendly and equally conscientious about the environment and our planet. If you consider every day Earth Day—and don’t mind officially celebrating this day in March or April, then you’ll find we share important values. Regardless of your beliefs and daily practices, everyone who stays at Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando, or any Rosen hotel, know you are helping us save the environment by supporting our business. Along with our competitive prices, we hope this adds a great reason to stay with us. Click the Check Availability button at the top of this page to book today.


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