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5 Unusual Things To Do in Central Florida

Amphicar at Disney Springs in Orlando

Florida has a reputation for being a quirky place. We’ve got unique wildlife, old-fashioned roadside attractions, and a summer season that never ends. If you love all things weird and unusual, or are looking to shake up your usual theme park vacation, check out some of the places below. These weird Central Florida attractions are sure to make your visit extra memorable.

Tour the Waterways in a Vintage Amphicar

If you aren’t quite ready to leave the familiarity of the tourist district in Orlando, you can start your tour of weird Florida right here at Disney Springs. The BOATHOUSE® offers guided tours of Disney Springs in vintage amphicars from the 1960s. You’ll glide effortlessly from land to water, and your captain will give you a tour of Disney Springs. These cars give off plenty of retro-futuristic vibes and provide plenty of unique selfie opportunities.

See Novelty Architecture at Twistee Treat of I-Drive

After your adventure at Disney Springs, cool off with an ice cream cone from Twistee Treat. Set your GPS to 6314 International Drive or look for the 28 foot tall, ice cream cone-shaped building. This iconic design was created by the founder of the original Twistee Treat franchise. There were 23 ice cream cone buildings in Florida before the company went bankrupt in the early 90s. A new Twistee Treat company started building new ice cream shops in 2010, but this is one of the original buildings and is now independently owned. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy some delicious novelty architecture.

Climb the Citrus Tower

Built in 1956, the Citrus Tower is one of Florida’s oldest attractions. In pre-theme park Florida, the Citrus Tower attracted hundreds of visitors who wanted to gaze out at the plentiful orange groves. Today, this well-preserved tower is something of a time capsule. An elevator takes you up nearly 226 feet to see the lakes, citrus groves, and gentle hills of Clermont, Florida, as well as many newer buildings. On a clear day, you can even make out some of the Orlando attractions and theme parks.

Experience a Dinosaur Theme Park at Dinosaur World

After your Citrus Tower visit, continue west on I-4 until you see a giant T-Rex welcoming you to Dinosaur World, one of Florida’s lesser known theme parks. You won’t find any of the bells and whistles you’d see at the Orlando theme parks, but it’s a welcome change of pace. Wander among the ancient trees and giant fiberglass dinosaur replicas, or upgrade to an excavation pass so you can dig for fossils and gems. You can also check out the museum to see fossils found in Florida as well as how the dinosaur animatronics were created. Better still, Dinosaur World is Autism Friendly and has several resources on their website to help you plan your visit.

Wrestle an Alligator at Gatorland

Once you’ve seen Dinosaur World, it’s time to pay a visit to modern-day reptilians at Gatorland in Orlando. At Gatorland, you can see over 2,000 alligators along with crocodiles, wild cats, snakes, and more. The park has plenty of opportunities for you to interact with the gators. You can help feed them or, if you prefer more a little more space between yourself and these toothy creatures, you can zip line above them. You can also participate in what might just be the most Florida thing ever: wrestling an alligator at a theme park.

Stay near the Central Florida Attractions

Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando is a centrally located, family-friendly hotel. If you are planning on visiting any of the attractions mentioned in this blog as well as the Orlando theme parks, Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando is an ideal choice. During your stay, you’ll also enjoy access to three swimming pools, a playground for the kids, a buffet restaurant and a bar. To check availability, click on the orange button at the top of the page, or give us a call at 407-996-8585.

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