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To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

Go To War at Hard Knocks Orlando

We all loved playing “Cops and Robbers” or laser tag when we were kids, and Hard Knocks Orlando is bringing those childhood favorites back in a big way. Imagine playing laser tag with realistic models of actual weapons, inside a warehouse on a top-secret mission. That is exactly what you can expect at Hard Knocks Orlando, located right on International Drive at Pointe Orlando. As the first indoor Combat Sports Facility, Hard Knocks is more than a place to run around and blow off steam; it’s a full-blown combat area complete with an armory, combat arenas, and a variety of different missions to complete. You’ve never had so much fun playing tag in your life.

Your mission can be one of over 85 different objectives that will put your laser tag skills to the test, ranging from protecting a VIP, to hostage rescue, bomb defusing, and even uncovering a mole on your team. Teams will take on their missions in one of four different arenas; “The Office,” “The House,” “The Warehouse,” or “The Coliseum,” each of which is equipped with its unique models of real military-grade weapons.

To keep things as immersive and realistic as possible, the weapon models are made out of metal and are weighted like the real thing. Combatants can choose from a variety of weapons to suit their style: everything from handguns, to assault rifles, and even shotguns are available for use.

The Combat Café is fully stocked with food and drinks so that you can refuel and rehydrate after your mission.

Stay Near Your Destination

If you’re planning a vacation to Orlando, Hard Knocks is something you don’t want to miss. Booking your room at the Rosen Inn puts you just a short distance from Pointe Orlando and all that International Drive has to offer. Our affordable and luxurious rooms give you a perfect place to recharge your batteries after a long day in the city. Contact us today at 407-996-8585 to book your stay.


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