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To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.8586

4 Pool Games You Should Be Playing on Vacation

Florida is famous for many things from theme parks to beautiful beaches, but perhaps the state’s most defining feature is the climate. Our summers are long and warm, making for a perfect 4 Pool Games You Should Be Playing opportunity to get outdoors for some fun in the sun.

If you’re not in the mood to get sandy and salty, take a dip in our beautiful pool and recharge your batteries before heading out to see more of what Orlando has to offer. Have youngsters with you on your vacation? Try these fun and exciting pool games.

Sharks and Minnows

This game has likely been around almost as long as swimming pools have existed. Swim teams and community pool goers alike have been playing it since the ‘50s. The goal is for a team of “minnows” to swim across the width of the pool without being tagged by the “shark.” This is great for large groups full of confident swimmers!

Marco Polo

As one of the most popular swimming pool games around, Marco Polo likely suffers from about the highest percentage of cheaters of any game as well. The rules say one person is “it” (Marco), and they are supposed to close their eyes and find other players in the swimming pool. They shout “Marco” while the others are supposed to shout “Polo” in response, but some sneaky swimmers like to bend those rules. People close to Marco sometimes conveniently forget to respond, and sometimes a frustrated Marco might open their eyes ever so slightly. Even so, this game is hugely popular, and a fun time for all.


This is like an aquatic version of freeze tag. When someone is tagged, they stand upright in the water with their hands above their head, like a Popsicle. For an added twist, a player that is completely underwater cannot be tagged by “it,” but they can swim by a “Popsicle” and unfreeze them.


This one is for the older kids or even the adults. Two people ride piggy back on the shoulders of two others and duke it out. The first one to fall off their teammate’s shoulders loses. Just don’t get too rough, it is a game after all.

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